Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter 2008

Wow, Easter has come and gone. It feels a little weird and rushed having Easter in March. This year the Easter bunny came on Saturday. We even have proof. See below the rabbit tracks found outside our back porch on Saturday morning. He new we had church first thing Sunday morning, and he knows my kids WAY too well. There was be no way they could wait until AFTER church. It was too cold to go outside on Saturday at 7:30 am, so the Easter bunny hid all the baskets and goodies inside the house. Before I knew it, the hunt was over and they had their things and candy spralled all over the floor. Breakfast was chocolate, jelly beans, and gum.We had a nice Easter Sunday. Matt and I talked in Sacrament and later we cooked a ham and some funeral potatoes (LOVE them), and had some friends over. The weather did warm up...a tad, so that we could have a mini egg hunt outside with all the kids. I tried so hard to take some cute Easter pictures of my kids, but it is IMPOSSIBLE for us to get them to stand nice, look at the camera, and smile all at the same time. So this is the best I got. I think Cole kind of looks like the Easter bunny with his teeth. Sometimes I call him bucky. Matt had the same teeth when he was a kid. Hope you all enjoyed Easter and were able to take a moment to reflect on the Atoning sacrifice of our Savior and the resurrection.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Confessions Of 3 year Old Boys

"Me love this porn mom." "This my favorite porn." "Doe (how Jack says Cole), you like this porn?" "Mom, we have more porn?" "Where you get this porn from, mom?" "Please me have more porn?" This was our conversation at the dinner table the other day. What exactly were Cole and Jack referring too? :
Apparently Jack and Cole are having a hard time making the "k" sound in corn, so corn becomes porn. Matt and I tried not to crack up as this conversation took place. We knew if they realized it was making us laugh, they would continue to say it. I can just picture them saying that as we walk through the grocery store past the corn or even worse, at church. Just something funny...or not, I wanted to share.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Road To San Antonio - The Madness is Back!

Tomorrow is the start of the NCAA tournament. It is one of my favorite times of the year to watch T.V. This is probably the only time of the year that the kids have to find something else to do other than watch television. For the next few weeks, as long as a game is on, there will be NO cartoons playing on the big screen. March Madness brings back so many fun college memories for me. I guess I could call it my glory days. I was and am a HUGE Univ. of Utah fan. I am always excited to tell everyone that I attended college back when Andre Miller, Keith Van Horn, and Michael Doleac played basketball for the Utes, back when they had a phenomenal team. One very memorable game was when Utah played Kentucky in the FINALS of the tournament in 1998 (when will the "U" ever make into the finals again!?). I was actually attending graduate school in Kansas that year. I had come home for spring break and was planning on heading back to school on Sunday. Well, I had to change all my flight plans and miss the first day of the new semester when Utah made it to the finals and the game was on Monday. I had to be hanging out with all my "U" college friends, in Utah, on game day. That was the MOST exciting game in history...in my opinion. The "U" was up the ENTIRE game until the last few minutes, when Kentucky came back to win! It never failed, for several years in a row, somehow, someway, the "U" and Kentucky ALWAYS met up in the tournament. And somehow, someway, Kentucky always won. Kentucky became known to me as the enemy. Well, this year, it won't happen. The "U's" glory days are in the past, and they didn't even make it to the tournament this year. Good luck in the Inaugural CBI though! Utah vs. UTEP in the first round tonight. But that won't stop Matt and I from enjoying all the other fun ball that begins tomorrow. My friend Carter has done a March Madness pool for 16 years. Good times. Thanks Carter! I have done it with him from the very first year, and the tradition continues. I might have taken 3rd once, but NEVER won. I think my picks are good too! So hopefully this is my year, but if not, I look forward to next year. Maybe Utah will be back. So who am I routing for? Well, I didn't pick them to make it past the second round, but wouldn't it be nice if BYU was the Cinderella team. Most likely not going to happen, so I played it safe and went with North Carolina! GO TAR HEELS! But my heart still belongs to Big Red.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

3 Years Ago Today!

hAppY bIrTHdAy CoLE aNd jAcK!
This has been the fastest 3 years of my life. Maybe it's because I haven't stopped running since the day they were born. I remember always wanting twins and hoping for twins, and I got my wish...my blessings. Carrying twins for 8 months is no walk in the park, and raising twin boys and a young daughter is also tough, but I would not change a thing and these two little boys make me laugh, smile and enjoy life every day.
On Aug. 19, 2004 this is what we saw at out ultrasound appt. Which one do you think looks like Cole and which one is Jack? I'll never know.

Here are a few fun facts about by my big boys.

Today on his birthday, Cole weighs 27 lbs. and is 3 1/4 feet tall.

Cole is 9 minutes older than his taller brother Jack.

Cole LOVES animals and Diego.

He is our best eater and is usually willing to try new foods at least once.

His favorite color is either green or red depending on the day.

Cole is the feisty twin and a big mamas boy (that has to change soon!).

He loves to play with Jack.

Today, on Jack's 3rd birthday he weighs 30 lbs. and is 3 ft. 2 1/4 in.

Jack is 9 minutes younger.

Jack loves animals and Diego too.

His favorite color is blue.

His favorite foods are eggs and he loves fruit.

Although Jack can be tough, he is our softy and usually the peace maker.

He is independent and wants to do everything by himself.

He loves to play with Cole.

Cole and Jack, you are so fun to have around. I am so happy and blessed to have you both in our family. Each one of you is unique and special and loved more than you can imagine. I love that you two always have each other are best friends. I hope you will always love each other watch out for each other and keep each other out of trouble. Thanks for the smiles, hugs, and joy you bring to my life. I love you!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Look Who's Turning 3!

Actually their official birthday is tomorrow, but as a far as they were concerned it was today. We had a party at the church filled with coloring, bikes, balls, play doh, friends, and food. And despite the blizzard conditions we had a nice turnout and a fun time. Thanks to all who risked their lives to attend Jack and Cole's birthday party. They had a lot of fun and scored on gifts this year. Can you say spoiled! Here are a few pictures of the day. More about the birthday boys tomorrow on their OFFICIAL birthday.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Satuday is a special day, it's the day to get ready for....UFC???

That's right we spent the day cleaning so Matt could get ready for fight night with the guys. Actually it was good excuse to do some long over due spring cleaning. Even Lily, Jack and Cole pitched in. They are so eager to help. The sad thing is, they actually make cleaning more work for me because I have to stop to help them and teach them. But I guess if I want them to learn sometime, I need to be patient with them and suck it up. I can only pray that when they get good at cleaning, they will still be eager to do it. Yea, right! Then we went and rented a couple of kid flicks so mom and the kids could watch movies (ignore that nasty picture of me) while "Boys Town" got ready for the testosterone kick they were looking forward to watching. I really don't understand UFC, or any fighting type sport for that matter. I mean, how fun is it to get hit in the face, get a broken nose and teeth, and roll around on the floor with another sweaty guy until you get knocked out. Call me crazy, but I don't get the fun of it. But, Matt enjoys it, and that is all that matters. He had a bunch of guys come over, pick up some burritos, and yell at each swing and kick to the head. By the way, those aren't beer bottles. They are the BEST sodas ever created. One of the guys brought over a case or two of Hank's Gourmet Vanilla Cream Soda and Orange Soda. I'm glad he had fun.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

We, re Having a Party!! Wish You could Come!

Cole and Jack turn 3 next Sunday, March 9th. I can hardly believe it. Anyways, we just sent this invite out to all our local friends here in Erie, but wanted you all to know that you are ALL invited too. We know you can't make it, and we will miss all our family (although my dad get's to be here...papa!) Cleveland friends, Utah friends, AZ friends, Iowa friends, Philly friends, Cali. friends, Colorado friends...O.K. I'll stop. We are very blessed and have friends and family all over the country. And we wish you all could come.
The other little boy in this picture, Jackson, also has a birthday the same weekend, so we are having a triple party. So much fun. We'll miss you all.