Monday, October 26, 2009

Big Trees State Park

This last weekend we loaded that family up and headed to Big Trees State Park. These trees are incredible to see in real life. If I am correct in my information, the trees in this area are not the tallest trees (like in the Redwoods), but are the fattest/widest trees in the world. You can see how tiny the kids look next to the trees. And they don't taper towards the top either! They are fat all the way up!
Bigs Trees Trip
Bigs Trees Trip
Big trees trip
Bigs trees trip
Bigs Trees Trip
Big Trees Trip
Big trees Trip
Big Trees Trip
Then we found these little "chalet" cabins just down the street from Big Trees. The kids had a blast sleeping in the "triangle" cabin.
Big Trees Trip
Then on Sunday we continued on our trip to a lake called Lake Utica where we canoed and hiked around on some great rocks. We had the whole lake and area all to our selves. We are definitely going back to this place when it's hot and we can swim.
Big  Trees Trip
Big Trees Trip

Sunday, October 11, 2009

St. George Marathon 2009

We did it again. First let me say congrats to Matt, who killed it again, my cousin Destiny, who completed here first marathon with an amazing time and a smile on her face the entire time, and to my good friend Lacey who was 2 months+ pregnant. You all inspire me. The weather was amazing, the terrain was beautiful, the race was awesome. My time was slow 4:37, but I beat my last years time by 2 minutes. I wish I was faster, and I'd like to blame it on my lack of time to train from the move, but maybe it's just a lack of commitment. Not sure, but I really only trained for 2 months. It's only been less than two weeks since the marathon , and as I drive around the city and track 26 miles in the car, I can't believe anyone runs 26 miles straight. But we did.
Marathon 2009
While in Utah, we also got to take the kids to Zions to climb around on someof the rocks.
the guys zions
Jack and Cole Zions 2009
Lily Zions
Then, my mom came back to Cali. with us for some more fun. We went to Bishop's Pumpkin farm to pick out our pumpkins and go on a hayride.
Pumpkin Patch 2009
Aren't these awesome! At the pumpkin farm there was this field of sunflowers.