Saturday, August 30, 2008

Erie County Fair

We decided to head out to the Erie County Fair last night. It had a very small town feel to it, which is what I like when I go to the fair. The kids enjoyed animals, rides, corn dogs and cotton candy. Here are a few pictures of the evening.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bitter Sweet Day

Today Lily started full day Kindergarten. It is kind of a bitter sweet day for me. Seems like I have been dying to have her go to school and be occupied and busy on a daily basis, but today when it came right down to it, it was harder for me than I thought. I guess I should have known when I got teary eyed from a WalMart commercial the other day about a little girl going away on her first day of school. Pathetic...I know. But this morning she was all smiles as she put on one of her school outfits, packed her lunch and stepped onto the bus. We are so proud of her and excited for her to learn new things and make new friends. Maybe by the end of the year she'll be reading me bedtime stories.
Here is a picture of her lunch. For those of you who know Lily and her eating habits, YES, that is a smoothie in her lunch. I never would have guessed we'd still be relying on the smoothies as a main part of her diet. And isn't her lunch purse cute...or as Lily would say, "it's sassy." It looks like a purse, but it's a lunch holder.
Lily's Lunch
The boys started preschool today. They are pretty excited too, but Jack was pretty upset that Lily got to take a bus to school and he had to drive in the family car.
Boys First Day 2008
Here's to a great school year. I am proud of my three kiddos.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Baird Fam. Vacation '08

Every year Matt's family, including his parents and 5 sisters and their family, go on a family vacation. We love to head out west and let our kids reconnect with their cousins enjoy fun, sun, and relaxing. We really packed it in this time. Within a week we went to Sea World, San Diego Zoo, Disneyland, the beach, and still found time to swim in the hotel pool. Here are some pictures of our vacation. It seems like we look forward to our trips and do so much planning, and before we know it, its all over.

This picture of Jack with the 3 girls and Fairy God Mother is classic Jack. He always wants to be a part of everything. I love this picture of Cole at Disneyland with Grandpa Baird. We had a fabulous time thanks so Leslie (Matt's sister), who did all the planning. It's our turn next year to plan the trip....we can't wait until Baird Fam. vacation '09!

Friday, August 8, 2008

One World One Dream-Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

Did you see the opening ceremonies in the Bird's Nest! All I can say is WOW... AWESOME... SPECTACULAR. I guess when you have a 300 million dollar budget for opening ceremonies, nothing less should be expected. Matt and I love the Olympics , and although, sadly, it is also an event that brings propaganda, boycotts, political statements and discriminations, we try to focus on the Olympic spirit of honor, glory, fair play, friendship and peace. We love to watch world class athletes come together and compete in numerous events. Over 205 countries and 10,500 athletes will participate. Some of our favorite American hopefuls include Michael Phelps, who is aiming for 8 gold medals in swimming, Dara Torres who is competing in her 5th Olympics and is 41 years old and a new mom (also swimming), Dave Zabriskie (from Utah!) in cycling, and Shawn Johnson competing in gymnastics. Some of my personal favorite events include women's volleyball, canoe/kayaking, rowing, swimming and gymnastics. Can't wait to see how everything turns out. As I go out on my agonizing 13 mile run tomorrow AM, I'll just think of these athletes and the time and training they have put in to make it where they are. Just a few last words before the games begin......KICK BUTT USA!!!