Saturday, September 19, 2009

Apple Hill

It may not feel like autumn around here, but the fall activities are definitely starting up. I LOVE this time of the year. Today we went to a place called Apple Hill. Apple Hill is this fun area just up the hill from us with over 50 ranches and farms filled with apples, vineyards, breweries, and Christmas tree growers. In the fall there are all sorts of fun activities for families and kids. So today we went apple picking. Lily won't eat any apples, but the boys must have eaten at least 5 apples each within 1 hour. But Lily did drink a whole glass of fresh made apple cider and it was DE.LI.CIOUS! Here's some pictures of our day.

Kids at AH
Apple at AH

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Just playing in photoshop and wanted to post this fun picture of Lily.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Labor Day Camping

We finally took our kids camping for the first time in their lives. I know that many of you take your kids camping as babies, but I just never wanted to attempt to take twin baby boys camping. Well, now that my kids are older, it was a lot of fun. We went with some of our new friends here in Folsom close to Yosemite. The kids had a great time sleeping in the tent, hanging out with their friends, doing art projects, swimming in a small river, and just getting dirty.

Camping 2009
Camping 2  2009
Camping 4 2009
Camping 3 2009
Lily had her first grade pictures taken the other day. I'm not a big fan of "school pictures", so we just order a class picture and take photos in the morning before school. Here is our big first grader. Lily is LOVING school and making all sots of new friends.
Lily Picture Day 1st grade