Thursday, October 30, 2008


Monday, October 20, 2008

My Life With Power Rangers and Yummy Raspberry Jam

Mimi is in town and we found a great deal on Raspberries, so we decided to make some jam. This is the second time I have made jam. It's so fun and so easy. We made 10 jars of jam in just over an hour.
Jam 1
Jam 2
Jam 3

Mimi bought these AWESOME Power Ranger costumes for the boys. They are actually for "dress up "so that they will have "boy" dress ups instead of Lily dressing them up as princesses or girls. They had so much fun in these. I bought them other Halloween costumes, but I won't be surprised if they decide to wear these instead. Here they are doing a few kung fu power ranger moves and being fearless catching HUGE grasshoppers.
Power Rangers

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Fall!

Just wanted to post a few fall pictures. I love this time of year. Watching the leaves change color, visiting pumpkin patches with the kids, and anticipating the holidays is so much fun for me. The leaves are in full autumn color. Those of you who have been or lived in the northeast at this time of the year know just how beautiful it is. Happy fall!

P.S. I admit, I didn't do my kid's hair this day. I just had to comment on this because Matt was making fun of their hair in these pictures, and me not doing it.
Happy Fall

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Completed Marathon...Check

One more thing to check off my list of things to do before I die. The marathon was AWESOME. It rained the entire time I ran, but I can't complain. I hoped and prayed for a cold day to run in. I run much better in the cold than in the heat. My time was slow (4:39:58) which averages out to about a 10 minute 40 second mile, but I finished. I started out doing around 8-9 minute miles, but when the pain set in around mile 20, I slowed to about 12 minute miles. Matt of course killed it again. Another Boston qualifying time of 3:15:40. Matt's sisters Heather and Joanna also ran and kicked butt! You girls are awesome! The day after the race I hobbled around like a little old lady, but it was worth it. Would I do it again? 100% yes...BUT, I need a running group. I'm tired of doing long runs all by my self.
Marathon 08
The rest of the St. George trip was fun as well. We were not stop with fun, fun, and more fun. The kids loved hanging out with my mom's horses, swimming in my grandma's pool (Omi, as the kids call her), fishing, and and visiting with good friends. We were able to get together with Matt and Haley Hammons. We didn't get any pictures with them, dang it! And then we saw Laurie for our annual visit to the Olive Garden for Millie's birthday.
St. George 08
Omi's Pool
Fishing 08
Millie's Birthday 08
We also got to see and visit my grandpa. He is 86 years old and lives in an assisted living. He has dementia pretty bad and doesn't remember me too well, but we love him and enjoyed seeing him. Jack took a particular liking to him, and had no problem sitting on papa's lap. I know my grandpa enjoyed seeing the kids. As the adults talked, Lily, Jack, and Cole found entertainment with my grandpa's walkers We had to put a stop to it when they started taking other old folk's walkers as well!
Opi 08
Here are just a couple of pictures of Jack and Cole on our trip that I liked.
Jack and Cole 08
Fun times and good memories.