Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bikes and Scooters

Today Jack decided he wanted to take off his training wheels and give his bike try with only two wheels. After about 15 minutes, a few falls, and a determined attitude, HE DID IT!! He just turned four, 5 days ago. Jack learningto ride a bikeLily, who we have been begging to take off her training wheels since last summer, decided she could not let her 2 year younger brother out do her, decided to give it a try too. Her bike broke late last year, so she had to try it out on Jack's bike. One minute later she was off. Literally, it took her one minute and no falls....yet. I guess if you wait long enough, things become easy. Lily learning to ride a bikeWe are so proud of the two of them. I guess we need to buy Lily her own bike so that she doesn't have her knees to her ears. Cole gave it a try, but after a minute or two he decided it wasn't as fun as his new Razor scooter , which he is very good at. Maybe in the summer. Kids on scooter

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Look Who's {4}

Happy Birthday Cole and Jack

Yesterday our boys turned 4. I can hardly believe it. Where does the time go? In 4 short years, they have learned to walk, talk, feed themselves, dress themselves, entertain themselves, and play by themselves. What am I to do with my time? They have blessed our home unbelievably, made us laugh, made us grow, made us happy, made us proud, and made ME freak out a time or two. I love them more than anyone could ever imagine. We had a combined birthday party a week ago for all 3 of the kids. But on their special day they took Batman and Spider-Man cupcakes to school, rode their new scooters, played with their new Imaginex toys, took a trip to Toys-R-Us and ate at Kentucky Fried Chicken (their choice). I hope they had a great day and will have an even better year being 4.
Cole 4 Years Old
~ likes plain cheese burgers and steak
~ not a big dessert fan
~ kind of a mama's boy
~ loves sports
~ likes to sing and has memorized all the words to many songs, including Single Ladies by
~ loves to visit the zoo
~ is a little conservative
~ is a Sunbeam at church
~ starting Mighty Mights (mixed ball sports) in a couple of weeks
~ is the smaller brother, but older by 9 minutes
Jack Four Years Old
~ likes steak and apples
~ likes all desserts
~ very artistic
~ loves sports
~ is a dare devil
~ has a great memory and can beat everyone in the family at the Memory Game
~ like Batman
~ independent
~ loves to visit the zoo
~ is a Sunbeam at church
~ starting Mighty Mights (mixed ball sports) in a couple of weeks
~ is the bigger brother, but younger by 9 minutes

Here are just a couple of pictures at the big birthday bash. We had about 18-20 of Lily's friend and Jack and Cole's friends. We went to this big place where there are a bunch of those big blown up jumping trampolines. As you can see by Lily's hair, they had a blast.
The Big Party Bash