Friday, January 23, 2009

Jack and Cole have been wanting a tie for a while, so they can be like dad at church. Mimi and papa were kind enough to get the boys their very first ties. On Sunday they strutted their stuff around the house and thought they were pretty cool at church.
New Ties

It's been DANG cold here in the lovely state of PA. But today we finally had a day that we could to go outside and play in the snow without freezing our buns off. So after lunch the boys and I bundled up for some snow play. It has snowed so much in the past few weeks that we have our very own sledding hill in our yard, courtesy the snow plow truck. It is seriously about 15 feet high. I was able to build stairs in it so the boys could climb to the top and slide down. I even went down a few times. And of course we built a snow man, AKA our new brother.
Sledding 1-09
Snowman 1-09

Saturday, January 17, 2009


We are back from a fabulous trip to Europe. Our itinerary consisted of Prague, Rothenburg, Munich, Salzburg, Vienna, and a 5 hour layover in Amsterdam. The weather was cold, but the the sunshine was out, so we were able to dress warm and enjoy the sites. My two favorite cities were Prague, Czech Rebublic and Rothenburg, Germany. All the cities were amazing with beautiful cathedral churches, cobblestone streets, unbelievable architecture buildings, and of course shopping and dining out. We rented a car to travel from city to city and had to drive on the autobahn. It is SCARY. We were driving 80 mph which is fast for me, and cars were passing us like we were standing still. It was so nice have Matt all to myself for a week, but I think towards the end of the week we were both really missing the kids. We are already dying to go back and visit some other cities such as Rome and Paris, but for now we are happy to be back with the kiddos who I missed soooooo much. Thanks Mimi for watching the kids!

Here are just a few pictures of our trip. I took almost 300 pictures. Gotta love digital cameras!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Is It Really 2009?

Where does the time go? Life has been busy, and I don't see it letting up any time soon. I feel like a blog slacker and wanted to post a few pictures and write about a few things we have been doing.
Christmas was FABULOUS. Mimi and Papa were here to enjoy the holiday. For Christmas Eve we always enjoy all sorts of yummy h'orderves while we watch Christmas shows, sing (see the kids below), ice cookies and enjoy our family together.

As you can see Santa didn't disappoint. This isn't even all of it, the camera doesn't do very well with panoramics. Here is a picture of the boys playing with their new race car tracks down in the basement.

Lily had a 'Hannah Montana' and 'High Scool Musical' Christmas. She got her very own CD player with 2 HSM cds that are played 24/7 in our house.
She also got ice skating lesson and is having so much fun.

On New Years day we went t0 Pittsburg and stopped in at IKEA where we picked up Lily some new "big girl bedding" and a new bed frame. I love how it all looks together.
Jack and Cole have started showing interest in the computer, so on any given day, they can look like this all sitting around with their laptops. No time to get dressed. SPOILED! (ignore my cluttery kitchen.)

Today the boys start sunbeams at church. Oh, bless the sunbeam teacher. She'll have 6 boys in the class. Have fun trying to make them sit for any amount of time. There was a time when all 3 of my kids were in nursery at the same time, and now none of them are there. I'm
kind of sad.
It's been nice having the kids out of school for the holidays, but I'm ready for them to go back...TOMORROW!