Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Lily Ruth

How can it be? Today Lily turned 6. I want her to know how much I love her. And how proud I am of her. Lily, I hope you had a wonderful birthday. Today she took High Musical cupcakes to school, ate her favorite meal for dinner (pizza), and then went to Disney On Ice with the family. But the fun is NOT over. She'll be having a birthday party in a week and presents still to come.

Lily 6th birthday

  • loves High School Musical (all of them)
  • takes ice skating lessons
  • is a daisy in the girl scouts
  • has a lot of friends
  • is good at math
  • learning to read
  • entertains her brothers
  • and fights with them too
  • loves animals, especially cats and dogs
  • loves stuff...pads of paper, little containers, pencils, little gadgets, etc.
  • loves pizza and junk food
  • is funny
  • a little bossy
  • is in the CTR 6 class at church
  • is in kindergarten
  • is good at computer games and wii
  • makes me happy
  • is the BEST daughter I could ever ask for

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

St. George

We just got back from a fabulous trip to St. George. We went to celebrate my grandma's 82nd birthday. Her birthday just happens to be on Valentine's Day. That holiday represents her so well. She is the kindest, most loving person I know. We enjoyed being with her on her special day.
HapPy BIrThdAy GraNDma!
When you have a Valentine birthday, you get Valentine cupcakes!
My grandpa lives in an assisted living. He cracks me up and we love him so much. He pretty much is...well old, and doesn't even remember who I am anymore. We went to the Chuck-a-rama (always a St. George treat!). I sat next to him, and he leaned over to my grandma and said, "who is that lady sitting next to me". He was serious, but it made me laugh. We went to the park. (Sorry Haley, we went at the last minute or I would have called)Even I joined in the fun.Went out to eat with our great friends from Cleveland.Swam in Omi's pool.
Played in my mom's hot tub.And tortured my mom's cat. Seriously, this poor cat was mauled all weekend long, but I think he likes it. My kids love this cat. I don't even know it's real name, but my kids call him meow meow (original.)
It really was a nice get away. The weather was great, family and friends to be with, and great food.